Modern Liberation - Quality Print Shirts and Polos

Quality Print Shirts and Polos for Men

Founded in 2017 with a capsule collection of print shirts, Modern Liberation is a brand that sets to liberate the modern man from the mundane traditional menswear. Besides the conventional wardrobe for work, the brand offers a new perspective on men’s shirting and staple items. Starting with the signature print shirts that are intriguing and fun, the brand fills in the void in modern man’s wardrobe for their extensive lifestyle, special occasions as well as frequent travel. To find inspirations, designer travels to find unique prints and fabrics from all over the world. Each piece in the collection is uniquely made with a purpose to make a statement about how you are or serve as a great conversation piece no matter where you are in the world.


Our designers go around the world to source the best prints out there. Our prints are fun, daring and show lots of personality.


We use the best factories worldwide to ensure the quality for the fabrics and the craftsmanship as we understand only quality products will last.


All the products are made in 100% cotton and pre-washed to ensure the comfort in wearing. Other than design and quality, we care how the shirts feel when you wear them.